Med Worldish in i 2019

Worldish 2018 Overview and the road ahead. Worldish has had a wonderful year of challenges, learning and overcoming. Our translation and communication tool ‘Helen’ matured from a prototype to a... LÄS MER >>

Bioreperia får medel från Eurostar

We are happy to announce that BioReperia has been awarded an Eurostar (https://bit.ly/2QtIHWD). The MechanoCHIP project aims to deliver a tool for the discovery of treatment methods of human tumor... LÄS MER >>

Lifee Increases the activity

During the spring and summer we have increased the heat in Lifee by adding a new business area, 4 (!) projects with Karolinska Institutet and one project with Linköpings Kommun,... LÄS MER >>