Worldish 2018 Overview and the road ahead.

Worldish has had a wonderful year of challenges, learning and overcoming. Our translation and communication tool ‘Helen’ matured from a prototype to a market-verified live product. We launched Helen commercially in Östergotland and overcame the resistance towards innovation in healthcare and the procurement system. We also took the product outside Östergotland to other regions in Sweden and to industries apart from Healthcare to verify Helen’s adaptability within different conversational settings.

The success so far and the journey wouldn’t have been possible without Worldish’s stellar multidisciplinary and multicultural team. The team grew from 3 to a force of 20 individuals comprising medical, technical, legal, advisory, sales and linguistic competences. Working together with our users, customers and other stakeholders have driven us towards a true customer-centric development culture. That culture constantly pushed us out of our comfort zones to build practical solutions towards our customer’s needs and challenges. Through this process the product grew to different medical areas with increased accessibility with the addition of support in the most needed immigrant languages in Sweden. We are eternally grateful to our advisors, ambassadors, investors and well-wishers who have embarked on this journey with us, backing us constantly and encouraging us whenever the going got tough.

Worldish looks forward to an incredibly exciting and an equally challenging year ahead. The goal is to launch Helen over several regions in Sweden and establish the company as the communication and translation industry’s disruptor. Worldish is also striving to push Helen’s technological capabilities within AI, machine learning and visual technology to ensure a safe and universal communication for all. We will be strengthening our team with competence and experience to progress towards our vision to build a world without language barriers and to build a world with greater equality.