How do you become an entrepreneur? Does it always start with an idea of your own? How many continue with their original idea? What happens along the way to shift the aim and transform the idea? And how do you future-proof your venture?

During this StartupTalks – Entrepreneurial Journeys, Success Factors and How to Future Proof Ventures, you’ll meet Karin Ackerholm, Innovation advisor at Linköping University who has guided both students and researchers in their early journeys to become innovators and entrepreneurs. She will bring light to the different ways of starting entrepreneurial journeys and we’ll discuss the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in creating positive development and sustainable growth.

We will touch upon topics like: What are the success factors of entrepreneurs? What does future proofing mean and how do you implement that into your startup? What is positive about failing? Is a sustainable business model still a nice-to-have or a must have? And is there a link between solving society’s growing problems, innovation and the importance of learning?

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StartupTalks is a monthly webinar where LEAD invites inspiring and exciting people to share their experiences and thoughts when it comes to entrepreneurship. Hopefully, the webinars will inspire you to take the step towards the startup world.