Meet Shirin Ilkhanziadeh, CEO at the startup company Celluminova, and listen to her talking about the journey from scientist to CEO, and her experiences within research projects.

Shirin has a PHD in neuroscience and years of experience in both research projects and entrepreneurship. During her master thesis, she grew an interest in stem cells research, as she realized it could be transformed into anything needed in the human body. She continued working in different projects focusing on stem cells, but after many attempts without the result she was hoping for, Shirin thought about letting it go. Listen to her telling us about the breakthrough.

The success resulted in Celluminova, a med-tech company which develops new tools for stem cell research. Shirin is CEO of the company, but despite her impressive resume she doesn’t believe in labels. Rather, she wishes to inspire people to do what they like and believe in what they do. The rest will fall in to place as you go.

During this talk we will touch upon topics such as; How it is to step into the role as CEO, to build a company with a background in the scientific field and Shirin’s biggest challenges and learnings. 

Welcome to this Startup Talk, where we hope to inspire you to do what you believe in and learn by doing. 

Date: Wednesday, April 6th

Time: 16:00 – 17:00

Place: Digital on Zoom

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