Meet Åsa Glavich, business coach at LEAD with a special background in HR-related questions, and listen to her experiences and learnings from working with teams in both big and small companies.

Åsa Glavich is passionate about business driven HR and has had an exciting career working at a number of companies such as E.On and Saab Aeronautics. There, she learned to create her own networks and how to tackle different issues based on different needs. She realized that the key to successfully do so, was to truly understand the business – the difficulties, challenges and success factors. Combining these working experiences, she has great knowledge and tools that startups can benefit from.

People are important, as they are the ones creating the business, as well as the results. Startups face a lot of challenges and uncertainties as the business is in an early stage. Therefore, you need to surround yourself with the right kind of people, who are willing to work and to accept the unknown. You need to be able to cooperate within your team.

During this talk we will touch upon topics such as; How does the human brain work in social contexts and why is it important for the team? How much does the team matter and can it really affect the company’s profitability? and, How can we learn to communicate better?

Welcome to this Startup Talk, where we hope to inspire better communication and collaborations, in order to promote the growth of your business. And, to create the best team possible!

StartupTalks is a monthly webinar where LEAD invites inspiring and exciting entrepreneurs to share their experiences and thoughts when it comes to entrepreneurship. Hopefully, the webinars will inspire you to take the step towards the startup world. Did you miss our previous talks? Check out our youtube channel leaddotse!