We are glad to present that Erik Modig will come to us and give a lecture about digital marketing… Erik is an experienced and popular speaker at conferences, corporate events, universities and colleges. In a straightforward and entertaining way Erik teaches how people make decisions, what motivates them and how communication can influence them.

The endless stream of advertising messages, have taught today’s consumers to ignore advertising. Despite this, companies continue to repeat messages that their customers have already grown tired of. In order to reach out to customers in today’s media environment, companies must relearn what appeals to them and adapt their communication to new emerging channels. Based on modern consumer psychology, Erik presents both classic and new tricks of how companies can create advertising that captures customers’ attention and influences them, which in turn drives business results.
If classical advertising has had its day – how does a resource effective advertising strategy look like? Why is a creative communication strategy more effective? How can advertisers work systematically to increase their own creativity and that of the advertisement?

When: Thursday, November 5th
Time: 16:00 – 17:00
Where: Digital (Link will be sent to you the day before)

Registration is required!