About LEAD

LEAD is a business incubator that has supported hundreds of promising startups in Östergötland. We are an independent actor, focused on accelerating business journey development and always acting in the best interest of our startups. We offer idea owners and entrepreneurs a wide range of targeted resources and services to help them achieve faster and more secure growth.

About us

We adapt our tools and efforts to companies needs to provide the best support, while setting standards for the companies we work with. After 20 years of experience, we know that every company has to pass certain milestones and depending on the type of com pany and team structure, that journey can look different and take more or less time. For us, sustainability is part of growth and the key to long-term success. We support startups to become profitable and realize their own resources and potential for change.

LEAD works according to a clear business methodology and process in order to maintain consisten t quality and include all aspects of company building; for us, it is important to include different aspects to build sustainable and viable companies. LEAD is constantly working to improve and adjust our operations to meet the needs of our members. We actively work to be responsive and regularly receive feedback. Since the start in 2002, we have worked with hundreds of startups and entrepreneurs, and we know we have the tools to create successful companies.

We are always on the company’s side

LEAD is a non-profit organization, and our mission is to help companies succeed; we have no hidden agenda and always do what is best for our companies. LEAD never takes a shareholder stake and therefore remains always on the side of the company. All information provided to LEAD relating to your idea stays with LEAD. We work under confidentiality and LEAD could never exist and continue to help more innovators succeed if we were not independent. We respect you and your ideas and look forward to reading more and hearing your thoughts and plans. If you want to know how we handle your data, read more in our privacy policy.

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Want to know more about our business?

Here you will find our 2020 activity report. The activity report is updated annually in april/may. There you will find, in addition to our core activities, information on various engagements and projects that engage LEAD to further strengthen the growth of LEAD companies.

Here you can read more in LEAD’s activity report summarizing 2020.

Owners & Financiers

LEAD – LiU Entrepreneurship and Development operates in Norrköping and Linköping and is owned by Linköping University through its wholly owned subsidiary LiU Holding AB. LEAD is governed by an ownership directive by the owner.

LEAD's Board of Directors consists of

  • Per-Olof Bremer, Chairman of the Board and Vice President for Research, LiU.
  • Pontus Lindblom, Director of Enterprise at Norrköping Municipality.
  • Louise Felldin, Director of Enterprise at Linköping Municipality.
  • Maria Jenmalm, Professor of Experimental Allergology, LiU.
  • Klas Gustafsson, Deputy CEO, Tekniska Verken.
  • Johan Lilliecreutz, CEO, LiU Holding AB.

Read more about the LiU Holding group

Would you like to know more about LiU Holding and its various activities? You can find more information on LiU's website.