Business Lab

Business Lab is a pre-incubator where you can stay for 6 to 12 months to test your business idea. You will have access to business coaching for support and feedback for your startup. We expect you, as an entrepreneur, to commit part-time or more.

You can apply to Business Lab at any time.

Business Lab

We offer a fast and flexible solution for tech startups starting something new. Business Lab is a pre-incubator where you can test your business idea for 6 to 12 months. You will have access to business coaching in the form of support and a sounding board for your startup. Hopefully, after BusinessLab you will know whether to proceed with your idea: whether it is worth the effort and your solution is attractive for future customers.

What is included in Business Lab

The Business Lab membership gives you access to:

  • An open office space for 6 months, with possibility of extension if you progress to one of LEAD’s business development programs.
  • Access to conference room, printer, Wi-Fi and free coffee
  • Individual coaching from LEAD’s business coaches once a month.
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Business Lab is suitable for you who:

  • Are about to kick off your startup and focus on evaluating and testing your idea.
  • Want to work in an open and entrepreneurial environment.
  • Seek access to professional coaching and methods to develop your startup.
  • Are lacking colleagues, even if you run your own startup.
  • Are prepared for part-time commitment (or more)


BootUp is an intensive business development program within the Business Lab membership in which 10-12 selected startups participate. The program runs for three months and starts twice a year, in February and September. The aim of the program is to help you create a foundation for your problem solution, and you will learn methods and tools to develop and scale up within product development, sales, and market. BootUp ends with a DemoDay where you get to pitch to investors.

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