The Summer Match

Where ideas from research at Linköping University are developed into market-adapted products and services.

Why apply to the Summer Match?

The Summer Match is an intensive entrepreneurship program at LEAD that focuses on developing ideas derived from research at Linköping University towards market-adapted products and services. For five weeks over the summer, you as a student get the chance to work with giving a researcher’s idea new opportunities. For you as a researcher, you get your idea tested against the market by someone with new perspectives, and with the support of experienced business developers.

The application for the Summer Match 2024 is closed.

By participating, you as a student will get

Relevant experience – use the knowledge you gained during your education in a project where you make a noticeable difference.

Valuable network – make new contacts with companies, researchers and students for future career opportunities

Special competence – develop your strengths, broaden your knowledge and gain a unique merit for your CV

By participating, you as a researcher will get

Extended team – connect with assets that can lead to a valuable match in the future

Sales concept – package your idea to be able to showcase and discuss the solution with potential customers

Customer perspective – test your idea against the customer and find out how it needs to be adapted to meet market requirements