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As a member, you get our full commitment, collective experience, know-how, and extensive network. LEAD offers a comprehensive ecosystem for startups, with tailored business coaching, training, networking to capital and a community of inspiring startups to work with and learn from each other.


We work with startups at different stages: from initial idea, to first paying customers, and on to building the foundation for scaling up. We are with you every step of the way, always tailoring our offering to your startup’s needs to help you succeed faster and safer.

A contract period is up to 6 months.


During the time that innovators and entrepreneurs work with LEAD, requirements gradually increase. At the start of the process, a selection is made, with LEAD looking closely at the team and the champion. We look at the goals and ambition, as well as the entrepreneur’s own drive and coachability. Then we check for the potential to build a scalable business and the presence of something new in the idea for solving an identified problem.

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As soon as a company is accepted as a member of LEAD, work on the formulation begins. Much of the focus is on market and customer needs verification, which includes exploring whether the market is large enough, how much interest there really is, whether the problem the idea aims to solve is the real problem, and what alternative solutions look like. Another important factor considered at this stage is scalability: how can we build on the idea with the entrepreneur? Can anyone copy it and how can it be protected?

Membership: BusinessLab


The next step, verification, takes place when the company has received clearance that the solution is of interest to potential customers. Here the focus is on verifying the business model. We also look at what resources need to be put in place, for example whether there is a need for various training initiatives, such as sales training, Investment Readiness Process, financing, or other tools to build strong companies. A plan with clear objectives is drawn up and then reviewed on an ongoing basis. The goal for leaving this phase is to have several paying pilot customers who want to test and develop the solution together with the company.

Membership: Incubate


When you have a business concept that has been verified by customers and market participants and a team that wants to invest, you are ready for the next step: scaling up the company and starting the journey towards growth. During the last part of the LEAD process, the growth phase, there is a comprehensive deep dive where we continue to work in the same way as during verification, but much deeper. Often the focus for the company is to step out of a kind of search stage and into a stage of establishing and scaling up. Taking the pilot customers and turning them into loyal customers. LEAD companies work to a structured plan going forward, with milestones on a six-monthly basis. Products and services evolve, as do the company’s own processes and roles. We use our extensive network of partners as a helpful resource.

Membership: Incubate


When the company leaves LEAD, it becomes an alumnus. The goal is that the company is a professional business that can generate growth and results on its own and live up to its vision and values.

As an alumnus, you are part of the LEAD community, and you are still invited to participate in seminars and lectures to share your experiences and tips with new member companies. Sharing is caring.

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