LEAD has established several long-term partnerships with strategic partners who provide services including legal, auditing, patents, prototyping, insurance, and governance. As a LEAD company, you can access these services at discounted rates when you purchase from qualified providers.

LEAD Premium Partners

Service partners


LEAD Advisory Board

LEAD is working to develop an Advisory Board with key individuals from the business community in each regional area of strength to strengthen knowledge and expertise in each focus area. The aim is for LEAD Advisory Boards to provide LEAD companies with excellence, industry insight, and advice on strategic decisions.

LEAD Business Angels

LEAD coaches, we don’t invest: That’s why we see investors as important partners. Virtually all growth companies need capital at some stage in their development. Therefore, LEAD works closely with the LEAD Business Angels network. We also work with major venture capital firms both nationally and internationally. For you as a LEAD member, we facilitate meetings, networking events, pitches, and contacts with the right person at the right time, when your company is mature.

Membership of SMIL

As a member of LEAD, you also become a member of SMIL, Småföretagarna i Linköping (Small-business owners of Linköping). SMIL is a network for knowledge-intensive companies in the Linköping region. Through SMIL you will have access to training courses, management groups and seminars in areas that affect and develop your business. You will also have the opportunity to establish new business contacts – both local and global – through their network meetings, activities and workshops.