LEAD BootUp is an intensive business development program that ends with a Demoday where you have the chance to pitch to investors. LEAD BootUp launches twice a year and 8-10 startups are selected to participate in the program. On 14 occasions you will receive methods and tools for developing and being able to scale within product development, sales, market. The program includes lectures and coaching both individually and in groups as well as professional feedback when working with your tech startup. The majority of sessions in the program are held in groups, but there is also room for individual work and feedback, usually during Thursday afternoons.

Apply to LEAD BootUp

The application for BootUp spring 2021 is now open, and closes on January 28th 2021.

The expectation is not that you will build a scalable business model in three months, but we want you to have a solid foundation for you to build on. The first step is to validate your problem solution, that is, you have found a customer problem that is a real challenge and that you have a relevant solution for the intended customer.

The goal of LEAD BootUp is to help you create a basis for your problem solution from various aspects of business, environmental and social. So that your idea can improve the world and promote your growth. At LEAD, it is important to ensure sustainability values ​​for society, so it is necessary to work on how your new technologies are used and for what purpose and how your innovation can deliver sustainability in a digitalized world. LEAD BootUp starts in February and September each year.

The application is open up to one week before the program starts, therefore selection will be ongoing. To be accepted into LEAD BootUp we need to have met you by participating in one LEAD Intro – How to Master the Fundamentals

Dates to keep in mind:
The application opens on December 10th.
Deadline: January 28th 2021
Program start: February 11th 2021
DemoDay: May 27th 2021

What you'll get

LEAD BootUp is suitable for you as:

  • Have identified a clear problem you want to solve.
  • Have an idea about the solution and resources to move forward.
  • A team of at least 2 people, one of whom has time to focus on developing the idea.
  • If you are a member of LEAD, in order for us to work with you, you need to become a member. You apply for membership in connection with BootUp.

What is included in LEAD BootUp:

  • Seminars and workshops in various areas, such as branding, law, financing, sales and more.
  • Continuous group coaching and individual feedback sessions
  • Feedback and networking activities
  • Access to conference room, printer, wifi and free coffee.

Our ambition is that you will:

  • Validate customer and user needsIdentify and verify the smallest living product – Minimum Viable Product (link to Glossary)
  • Get ready to move on and build your company.
  • Create a foundation and domain knowledge so that you can sell your idea.

Of course, there are some criteria for you to become a Business Lab member.
Business concept potential – There must be a major and important problem to be solved, which provides the potential for high growth and scalability and that it is possible to build a company in an international market.
Champion and team – There must be a strong driving force in you as an idea carrier and entrepreneur.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions about the program? Please contact:
Charlotta Hartzell
+46 738 - 00 17 26

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