Ideas from research at LiU are developed in teams of researchers and students into market-adapted products and services.

Do you want an exciting, unique and developing summer job? We are currently looking for students who want to be part of the Summer Match 2021!

The Summer Match is an entrepreneurial program at LEAD that focuses on developing ideas derived from research at LiU towards market-adapted products and services. For you as a student, you will get the chance to work with giving a researcher’s idea new opportunities. You will work together with another student, and will be matched with a researcher who wants to push his or her idea into the market. Each match between students and researchers is unique with the starting point of creating teams with complementary experiences.

The tasks vary depending on the focus of the research idea and where in the commercialization process the idea is. The researcher may, for example, be in need of new perspectives, prototype work, mapping, market analysis or graphic design. The Summer Match will give you as a student valuable experiences and networks. Your efforts can result in new solutions, agreements with customers and hopefully new companies.

Your profile

We see that you who apply are driven, committed and have an ability to think outside the box. Do you have an entrepreneurial side and want to take on a summer job where you get to work on commercializing research ideas? Then the Summer Match is the perfect job for you!

Scope: 5 weeks full-time work.

Location: Parts of the assignment are carried out on site in Linköping. The remaining time can be done remotely.

The application for this year’s program is closed and will reopen this fall.

Why apply for the Summer Match?

By participating, you as a student will get:

Relevant experience – use the knowledge you gained during your education in a project where you make a noticeable difference.

Valuable network – make new contacts with companies, researchers and students for future career opportunities

Special competence – develop your strengths, broaden your knowledge and get yourself a unique credit for your CV