Welcome to Open Coaching on Monday, October 21st between 14:00 and 16:00

Karin Ackerholm Liu InnovationOn this edition of Open Coaching we are hosting Karin Ackerholm from LiU Innovation. You can come by and talk to Karin about sustainability and especially the following topics

1 How do we identify sustainability risks/weaknesses and opportuinities/strengths in our business? How do we use this analysis to inform business decisions going forward?
2 How do we use the SDGs and the structure in them (Goals, targets, indicators) to give us an edge on the competition and an advantage in recruitment, partnership and investment.
3 How do we steer our business handprint (future footprint) both socially, environmentally and economically through a sustainable strategy, KPIs etc?


About Karin Ackerholm

Karin is a design strategist turned innovation advisor with broad experience with products, services and applications over multiple sectors. Her focus is on user and customer experience – services, products, apps delivering great value to its owners and customers alike. 



Drop by: first come, first served. There’s no booking needed, just come by at LEAD BusinessLabs in Linköping and talk directly to Karin. This is open to all currently all LEAD members, especially out BusinessLab members, and it’s free of charge.



OpenCoaching is an opportunity for the members at LEAD, especially BuisnessLab members, to get one-on-one advice and coaching from LEAD or provided by other institutions operating within Östergötland and within the Innovation system. ​

First come, first served. There is no booking needed, simply drop by at the set time and date to talk directly with the person available at the Open Coaching that week and make the best out of your time!