Entrepreneurs in Residence

For Researchers

Take your research further with LEAD Entrepreneurs in Residence. Create benefit with your research and take the next step with your idea.

Entrepreneurs in Residence

Get the most out of your research and take the next step to reach out with your research and create benefit for the society. Entrepreneurs in Residence is an entrepreneurship program at the business incubator LEAD that focuses on helping to develop ideas from research at Linköping University towards market-adapted products and services.

For half a year a team of entrepreneurial trainees works at LEAD with a few carefully selected ideas; identifying potential markets, testing hypotheses, verifying business ideas and developing business models. 

How it works

LEAD Entrepreneurs in Residence is a great opportunity for you who want to expand your team with a young entrepreneur. Ideas deemed to have high commercial potential have a chance to attract one of the trainees after the program.

Companies started from the trainee program

Here you can explore some of the success stories of companies that have started with the program’s support. 


With a promising football career and a background in business management studies, Liam Hardey applied for the 2020 trainee program. Since the conclusion of the program, he's been leading the innovative company, Cellfion. Cellfion enables new energy applications through its development of a bio-based membrane. It serves as a component for various aspects of clean energy technology and is utilized in large-scale energy storage.


Victor Borén began his journey at LEAD as an Entrepreneur in Residence in 2019. Victor found an idea he and his colleague Marcus Tornberg were passionate about, and together they developed the idea into the company MicroDri. MicroDri develops a flexible, efficient, and environmentally friendly microwave solution for large-scale timber drying, promoting a global accelerated transition to fossil-free timber production.

The application

Who can apply?

  • Researchers or companies with a tech idea that is not yet commercialized.
  • Your ambition is to build a new company based on the tech idea exists.
  • You own the rights to the tech idea
  • The tech idea has a TRL level of 2-3.
  • You are available during the program and have time to act as a sounding board for the trainees.

How do I apply?

Reach out to Magnus or Matilda.

Magnus Krogh

Business coach


0764-06 04 05

Matilda Olstorpe



070 536 19 72