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Do you have a company or idea and want to become a LEAD company? Fill in the information you want and can submit, in the application and register for one of our LEAD Introductory events (you choose which occasion in the form below) At the introduction occasion you have the opportunity for a speed meeting with one of our business coaches, you will come together at what is the next step for you and your idea. In order for the meeting to be as good as possible, it is important that we understand what it is you want to do, so take the time to fill in as much information as you can in the form.

Medlemsansökan New English

  • Describe briefly and comprehensively the idea / product / service and how it connects to the customer's problems. (1-2 sentences)
  • What is the problem your product / service will solve? Who has that problem?
  • How does your product / service solve the problem? What benefits does your solution / product bring to your intended customers? What is different / unique / new / innovative / disruptive about your solution / product? How far have you come in product development and validation?
  • Describe the intended customer and who are your future users? How can customer benefit be valued?
  • Who's behind the idea? What knowledge / background do you bring into the project? (Provide names of all founders and their roles within the project / company)
  • Enter the number of female / male founders in your team.
  • Before you become a member, we want to meet you at a LEAD intro, which starts at 16.00 on the first Thursday of the month at LEAD in Linköping. LEAD Intro provides an introduction to how you can work with your startup idea / project / company in the first steps to find customer benefit and business model. At the same time you get a presentation about LEAD and what we can do for you. In conjunction with LEAD Intro, you also get to meet one of LEAD's senior business coaches during a speed meeting to talk more about your idea.

Companies that LEAD works with have

Strong team - that there is a strong driving force and the right skills.
Business concept potential - The potential needs to be large enough to be able to build a growth company in an international market.
The idea is scalable - the product or service can be resold with minimal additional work for each new customer.
Innovative - That the business model is unique and difficult to copy, which creates a sustainable competitive advantage over competitors or future competitors.
That LEAD can help you build a business - last but not least, that you believe that LEAD's competence is useful in the company and sees the benefit of working in LEAD's environment.


LEAD is owned by Linköping University's holding company, Liu Holding AB. LEAD's mission is to help companies become successful and grow faster and safer. LEAD never enters as a partner. The information you submit in the form stays with LEAD. Without this confidentiality and independence, LEAD could never exist and continue to help innovators and entrepreneurs succeed.

We respect you and your ideas and look forward to reading more about your idea and sharing your thoughts and plans.