What do you get when becoming a member?

LEAD offers you a membership where each contract period is up to 6 months, but most stay up to one year and some stay up to three years. How long you stay depends on you, your idea and your ambition. In the membership there are various programs that are tailor made for startups, in addition to that you get access to a variety of services, so you can focus on developing your startup into a future growth company.

1. Business coaching

Stake out your direction, to maximize the potential in the business idea. As a member of LEAD, you work with a business coach. All our coaches have solid experience from different industries and their competence are matched to yours. What kind of experience do you want as a complement? With the right objectives and milestones, you will reach success faster. With the membership, you will get up to 4 hours of coaching each week!

2. Business development method

We will help you build a business from scratch and focus on the right parts. LEAD works with a well-tested business development method. We focus on reaching the stated objectives, and all parts that are needed for a business to become successful. With a great balance between technology, finance, market, organization, and human resources, you can expand faster with lower risk.

3. Opportunity for financing

To reach success and growth external financing is usually needed, often in the early stages. It can be a difficult process, containing a lot of verification work. When you are a member of LEAD, we work from day one to make your business idea ready for an investment, entailing you to reach venture capital and financiers more efficiently. Thanks to our admission requirements loans and financing cost less and are easier to get, since the risk level is estimated lower.

4. Competence development

No one is fully fledged from start and we constantly run education modules for you to grow in pace with your business. The right action at the right time is important! We suppose that you are among the leaders in your industry area, but what do you know about negotiation techniques, finance control, IP rights, leadership, efficient sales appointments, or the latest within human resources legislation? Or what knowledge do you have in communication and PE or board work? There can be a lot of issues and the right competence development at the right time makes a huge difference. All this is included when you are a member of LEAD. How do you want you and your team to develop?

5. Business contacts

The right contacts facilitating and open doors are frequently completely conclusive. To save your time and resources we have the way in to the “right” contacts. To get the right contacts take time and require processing. Through LEAD you will, as a business builder, get access to a large gathered network of contacts, national and international. Furthermore, your neighbours will be other entrepreneurs in a similar situation, which may give you knowledge, exchange and experience.

6. Matchning

By attracting the right talent to your business, you can grow and reach your objectives faster. Therefore, LEAD works actively in dialogue with talented and competent people. Either for specific tasks where you, as a member, need support, or through spontaneous applications to LEAD.
LEAD is constantly looking for driven people, interested in working with start-ups. If you know someone, tell them to send in an application to matchning@lead.se.

7. PR and communication

If no one knows you exist, you don’t exist. To be visible in media is a good way to reach clients and build your brand in the market. Through membership in LEAD you get access to our gathered media contacts and get help to write and distribute press releases and news to the right journalists – general or industry specific.

8. Full service

The membership includes full office service in any of our dynamic office environments in Linköping or Norrköping. You will get Internet, fully furnished rooms, cleaning, writer/copier/fax, and access to meeting rooms and our amazing coffee machine. These are often neglected costs and time thieves which will take a lot of time; time that you need to focus on other things.
We are also arranging common network activities, internally with the LEAD-companies and the LEAD-amuni, as well as with investors and interested parties supporting the start-up scene in the region.