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With extensive experience, networks, and methods we offer you support in building successful businesses, fast and secure, with or without external financing.

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Interview with XM Reality during CES in 2017

Listen to what strides XMReality taken in 2017. Mark Sage, President of the cluster Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance did an interview with LEAD alumnus XMReality and Niklas Rengfors sales... READ MORE >>

CBOT bring in capital in the first investment round

CBOT develops mobile robots, witch is seeing, for the construction industry. They are taking their first investment of 3.2 million SEK while signing a loan with ALMI 2.6 million. The... READ MORE >>

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As a member of LEAD, you are offered


As a member of LEAD, you get professional help and access to our 8 tools, which will help you becoming successful.

1. Business coaching

Stake out your direction to maximize the potential of your business idea.

2. Business development methods

We will help you build a business from the ground up and focus on the right parts at the right time.

3. Financing opportunities

To reach success and growth external capital is usually needed, often in the early stages.

4. Competence development

No one is fully fledged from start and we constantly run educational modules to make you grow at the same pace as your business.

5. Business contacts

The right contacts facilitate and open doors, this is often conclusive.

6. Matching

By attracting the right talents to your business, you can grow and reach your goals faster.

7. PR & Communication

If no one knows you exist, you don’t exist. To be visible is a good way to reach clients and build your brand.

8. Full service

The membership includes full office service in one of our dynamic office environments in Linköping or Norrköping.

LEAD by numbers

The first steps in becoming a member

We would like to get in contact early with you, who have an idea or innovation. A complete plan for commercialization or corporatization isn’t necessary – just the will and drive to see your idea grow and get out on the market.

Give us a call

The first contact is usually a fast evaluation of your experience and idea. We want to know if your idea fits into LEAD or if you should turn to someone else to get the best opportunity to develop the idea.


An initial appointment

An opportunity to make a mutual evaluation. It will give you an opportunity to further describe your business idea and what you want to accomplish. It will give us, at LEAD, an opportunity to further present us, our tools, and our expectations.


Develop the business idea

Now we begin to work concretely together with your idea. LEAD has a program with workshops and meetings where we work further on the business idea, to get answers to assumptions about the market, client benefits, and solution.


Individual coaching

In connection to working together with developing your business idea you will also get access to business coaching with one of our business coaches on two occasions of 1 hour.


Admission decision

The last step in becoming a member business is a presentation for several of LEAD’s business coaches. LEAD will take references on you and your team.


The collaboration can begin

We will do all we can to give you the support you need. We offer our engagement, our gathered experience, and our knowledge, as well our extensive network. We know it works.


Contact us if you have any questions and wonder how we can help you. We have all the tools for your success.
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